Managed Infrastructure Services

With its vast experience in managing different types of networks, from broadcasting to telecommunications, SENTECH has built a strong capability in network design, deploy-ment, operation and maintenance. These skills and technical capabilities are the ideal foundation to offer infrastructure management services to other networks owners. The vision for Managed Network Infrastructure Services is to respond to the market demand for outsourced Facilities Management Services, characterised by integrated end-to-end management of passive and active network infrastructure for network operators and property owners.

SENTECH aims to combine its skills, resources and services into an Infrastructure Management Services offering by developing a business model for the open market. The model will encompass tariff structures and a resource plan. Customers will be able to contract SENTECH to manage their networks and passive infrastructure, and on-sell any available capacity on customers’ terrestrial sites. This will allow the customer to focus on its core business, whilst relying on a world-class network operator to manage its communications needs.

Infrastructure Management Services comprise of Facilities Leasing and Managed Services: Third Party Facilities Management and Managed Network Services. The figure below shows the representation of the three products or offering, fleshing out key aspects of each.

Property Leasing Managed Services
Facilities Leasing 3rd Party Facilities Management Managed Network Services
Capex Saving Operational Efficiency Process Excellence
High Tower Sites
National Footprint
Network Management
Access Roads Elecricity / Structural Maintenance Engineering Design Services
Standby Power - Increased Availability Equipment Monitoring Maintenance and Operational Support

Site Management on SENTECH infrastructure

SENTECH is targeting existing facilities leasing customers to manage equipment located on SENTECH terrestrial sites by offering scheduled maintenance for the equipment hosted on remote SENTECH sites in line with routine operational maintenance schedules. SENTECH provides technical services at competitive market prices.

3rd Party site management Network Management

3rd party site management is management services extended to 3rd party network equipment hosted on 3rd party premises / remote sites. They present the largest opportunity for SENTECH, at both SENTECH’s and MNO’s owned sites.

Network Management Services

End-to-end operation of 3rd party networks (manage, maintain, build and operate). Network operations for MNOs is critical to their existence and the trend is for MNOs to outsource network management to original equipment manufacturers (MNOs). SENTECH is targeting MNOs, SOEs and large enterprise that rely on wireless networks in providing some of their public services on private networks (e.g. utilities, police services, oil and gas, emergency services, etc).