Network Operations


Network Services

Sentech takes a holistic approach to network design and has a strong emphasis on satisfying customer requirements. The servicing infrastructure includes:

220 Countrywide transmitting stations

627 television transmitters

742 Radio transmitters made up of:

578 Public, 121 Commercial, 28 Short wave, 15 Community transmitters

5 xC-Band & 9 x KU-Band up-link transmitters

50 x C-Band receiving stations countrywide

20 x Teleports and SNG linking equipment

Telemetry, test and communications systems

International Gateway Switch

3 satellite teleports providing uplink and downlink services on various geo-stationary satellites such as IS-902, IS-4, IS-7, IS-10,NSS-7, Thaicom-5, and many more 


Network Operations Centre

The Sentech Network Operations Centre (NOC) is the central point of network management that provides real-time monitoring of individual sites, associated network services and full service monitoring, control and fault management. A key feature of the NOC is the availability of significant on-line network status information and operational data through a web portal accessible to customers.
The remote monitoring system enables on-site fault conditions to be managed remotely by means of a forward control capability. This enables many conditions to be corrected without dispatching technicians to site.