Products & Services

Sentech is responsible for the development and operation of a vital infrastructure which provides broadcasting, wireless broadband and managed services to a wide range of customers. The Company owns and operates 742 FM radio transmitters, 627 television transmitters and satellite services. The broadcasting and broadband infrastructure delivers access to communication services to the furthest and most remote places in the Country.

  • Terrestrial FM Radio - SENTECH operates a network comprised of a total of 823 transmitter sites to provide FM radio signal distribution services to the public, commercial and community broadcasters, 18 public radio services, 18 commercial radio services and 106 community radio services.
  • Terrestrial Analogue TV - SENTECH owns a main site network for the broadcast and delivery of television signals in South Africa. More than 183 sites throughout South Africa provide audio-visual signals to more than 12 million TV households. 
  • Medium Wave Radio - SENTECH provides MW radio broadcasting signal distribution services using the radio frequency spectrum between 535,5kHz and 1606,5kHz.
  • Direct-to-Home (DTH - SENTECH provides an open access and interoperable DTH platform, with focus on super programme aggregators. This product allows SENTECH to provide an array of services along the broadcasting value chain ranging from, but not limited to, up-linking, multiplexing, encoding and transcoding to playout.
  • Short Wave Radio - A short wave transmitter is used by local and international broadcasters to relay their broadcast in the short wave spectrum of the 11m, 13m, 16m, 19m, 22m, 25m, 31m, 41m, 49m, 60m, 75m, and 90m Bands. This medium of broadcast offers the opportunity to target remote areas with the use of very high power transmitters and high gain antenna systems. SENTECH’s infrastructure can be configured to reach as far as Europe. The short wave transmitter product is offered utilising different transmitter power configurations namely 100kW, 250kW and 500kW.
  • Facilities leasing - SENTECH provides site-sharing facilities to public and private companies on more than 220 of its transmitter high-sites for various communication services through its facilities leasing service. The high-sites are situated at different locations with different heights, to fit customer coverage needs, throughout South Africa.