Radio Signal Distribution

Radio signal distribution is broken down into a number of sub-sectors such as community, national or public, commercial and international, news service and entertainment focused. The signal distribution is based on two frequency bands, namely Amplitude Modulation (AM), i.e. Medium Wave (MW) and Short Wave (SW); and Frequency Modulation (FM) bands.

FM Services

FM provides a high quality radio signal integrity and is thus favored amongst sound broadcasters. Transmission power configurations vary from 1 Watt (W) to 20 kilowatt (kW). SENTECH high sites provide the ability for customized coverage. Services can be provided to public, commercial and community broadcasters.

MW Services

MW provides large geographic coverage per transmitter. The transmission power configurations vary from 1kW to 100kW. Services can be provided to public, commercial and community broadcasters.


Value Added Radio Services

  • Audio processing (to enhance the sound quality);
  • Radio Data System (RDS) shows station name and singer/song title;
  • Standby Generator/ Un-interrupted Power Supply (STG/UPS) provides backup power in case of power failure); and
  • FTP upload of pre-recorded radio shows for scheduling and audio playout.


Linking Studio to Transmitter

Linking is done through STL point to point microwave system, direct-to-home (DTH) and VSAT satellite platform and third party linking platforms.


Digital Radio

Digital radio allows a broadcaster to provide listeners with significant improvements in service reliability, audio quality and, most importantly, usability, i.e. features that enhance the listener experience. This includes advanced data application such as text messages, Journaline advanced text with listener interactivity and geo-referenced information, slideshow, Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), TPEG/TMC (Ability to Provide traffic/travel and Emergency information), capability to operate in simulcast mode (i.e. broadcasting analogue and digital simultaneously), hand-over capability between different radio platforms or networks and many more.