TV Signal Distribution

SENTECH owns a main site network for the broadcast and delivery of television signals in South Africa. More than 183 sites throughout South Africa provide audio-visual signals to more than 12 million TV households. SENTECH has completed the deployment of a DTT-T2 network and is in the transitioning phase from analogue to digital. The Digital Terrestrial network will provide coverage to 84% of the South African population with the remainder of the country to be reached via SENTECH’s Direct-to-Home satellite platform.

Digital Television offers a wider variety of possibilities and opportunities to enhance the viewing experience for their intended market.

Through its broadcasting network, SENTECH offers the most advanced audio-visual services in:

  • Analogue and digital television broadcasting;
  • Signal transport;
  • Network operation and maintenance services;
  • Advanced 7 day Electronic Programme guides; and
  • Network coverage planning.