SENTECH Hosts Digital Radio Showcase


Monday 13 November 2018


For Immediate Release

SENTECH in partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association (SADIBA) and the SABC hosted a digital radio showcase at SENTECH’s head office in Radiokop, Johannesburg on Thursday, 3rd May 2018.

The broadcasting as we have known has evolved at a radical pace. “The digital broadcasting is here, feet it, touch it”, said Malmail Booi SENTECH CEO. With this evolution we are able to alleviate the congested frequency and DAB+ is able to broadcast more than 20 audio channels as well the potential for reduced operating costs resulting from digital radio. .

The event was aimed at demonstrating the digital radio transmission capabilities and exhibiting a range of new DAB+ and DRM30 receivers and vehicles fitted with digital receivers. SENTECH ran the first DAB+ trial that commenced in 2014 and participated in the DRM30 trial. The main objective of these trials is to determine if both the DAB+ and DRM30 technologies could co-exist with current analogue sound technologies and explore the benefits to all parties of digital radio.

“This evolution has become important in the frequency congested radio spectrum. The evolution of FM radio into a digital era where one Transmitter that currently carries 1 FM radio station would be able to carry up to 18 services as well as additional display of consumer information that each radio channel wish to broadcast,” said Mlamli Booi, SENTECH CEO.

“As such we have now seen, that Digital Audio Broadcasting, has enabled a digital mobile television platform DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) as well as a multimedia digital radio platform. This effective usage of spectrum enhances the qualitative and quantitative value of information we can transmit to our people. In the long run this platform will aide media diversity and maximise the flow of critical information to citizens, said Deputy Minister of Communications, Ms Pinky Kekana.



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