Welcome to Sentech

Sentech is all about connecting you to the world and connecting the world to you. As a State-Owned Enterprise established in terms of the Sentech Act (as amended) our broadcasting and broadband infrastructure delivers access to communication services to the furthest and most remote places in the Country.                                    

Sentech provides signal distribution services for most of the Country’s broadcasters which include the Public Broadcaster, Commercial and Community Broadcasters. Our VSAT solution provides internet connectivity to Government departments, municipalities and learning institutions; amongst others.

Sentech has been involved in some of the major National projects. In 2009 and 2010 we provided the back-up satellite infrastructure for the FIFA Confederations and World Cup respectively. We are also involved in the low power transmission project with the Department of Communications and SABC; an intervention that will ensure universal coverage and access to broadcasting services in the Country.

Sentech LTD